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People Photography – A Workshop


Master the art of capturing people with all their personality!

Taking photos of people is arguably the most difficult discipline in photography.

It requires a set of skills:

Camera and Setting
To take good photos of people you will need to know how to use your camera, which settings to choose etc.


So, you’ve got your camera set up correctly, but that’s not enough yet. You will need to know how to light your subject – natural sunlight, maybe a reflector, or a flash. The lighting can make or break your image.


Interpersonal Skills
One cannot overstate the importance of interpersonal skills. How do you communicate to your model, how do you give suggestions for poses?


Let's work on these skills during my upcoming workshop.


As a professional photographer with years of experience I have to apply these skills every day. Now I want to share them with you!


Saturday, 3rd of February 2018


The workshop is taking place in Windhoek, exact venue to be communicated to the participants.

How much?

While I normally charge around 2,000 N$ for my workshops, I want to offer this one at a lower price. I decided to offer this one for 799.- N$ only, a great value-for-money offer.

How do I book?

Just fill in the contact form below to get in touch and secure your spot! Alternatively, feel free to give me a call on 081-3216300