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Studio Photography – A Workshop


Master the art of studio photography!

Have you always wanted to bring your photography to a new level by taking photos in a photo studio?

Here is your opportunity to learn about studio photography. Some of the topics that the workshop will cover are:

What is needed in a photo studio
Let’s talk about space and equipment. We will cover possibilities to set up your own studio on a budget, and see what kind of equipment you would need.

In the photo studio you are in complete control of the lighting – that is great, but it can also be overwhelming!
We will guide you through different lighting setups, from simple to more refined, to make sure you always get the best light in your studio images.

Editing your studio images
We will cover photo editing, so your images will get from good to great.


Let's work on these skills during my upcoming workshop.


As a professional photographer I have years of experience  in studio photography, and now I want to share my knowledge with you!


Saturday, 4th of August 2018


The workshop is taking place in Windhoek, exact venue to be communicated to the participants.

How much?

While I normally charge around 2,000 N$ for my workshops, I want to offer this one at a lower price. I decided to offer this one for 799.- N$ only, a great value-for-money offer.

How do I book?

Just fill in the contact form below to get in touch and secure your spot! Alternatively, feel free to give me a call on 081-3216300